3 Levels of Services in Chinese Translation

We believe every document should be treated professionally. However, not all documents should be treated equally. Important ones deserve premium service that requires utmost attention and best resources. Less important ones need standard or economic service that’s fast, cost-efficient or both.

We aim to provide the best appropriate solutions that perfectly match your requirements. In this regard, we have three levels of service for Chinese translation service: Premium, Standard, and Economic.

Each addresses different aspects of your requirements, in terms of importance, speed and quality expectations. For your particular project, we will develop a tailored language solution that matches all your requirements and just the way you need it.

Sophie is the founder and CEO of AZ-Loc Language Service Inc., a Wuhan-based translation agency that provides professional Chinese translation, localization, design and multimedia production (Chinese Video Translation,Chinese Video Subtitling Services, voice-overs and dubbing services). She has been in the language industry for 14 years and knows her stuff pretty well .

She excels at taking the initiative to get things done without compromising customers’ requirements. Sophie loves to collaborate with like-minded people who share the same passion and commitment at work. Well versed with overseas and Chinese markets and a self-confessed polyglot who speaks Mandarin, English, Japanese, and French, she founded AZ-Loc in 2011 to make a big difference in greater China where you rarely find professional language services.

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