Antenna apply to the Self-Help Express Ark

With the vigorous development of the express logistics industry,the Self-Help Express Ark has been popular in people's life.

Self-Help Express Ark based on embedded technology, through the RFID (Radio
Frequency Identification Devices) technology, GPS global location, Wifi monitoring camera and the sensors for data acquisition. To signal transmission signal,processing data,operation,including the GSM SMS Alert, RFID Identity Recognition,Wifi camera monitoring and so on. To make the courier delivery is more orderly and efficient, but also greatly reduces the probability of error delivery and packet loss issues.

All of the antenna products from wellhope wireless are designed and developed by our engineers with top-notch design tools. Our engineers use the most advanced microwave structure analytical software network analyzer to design and produce our antennas. WELLHOPE factory has developed batches of high performing, quality and reliable antenna for mobile base, frequence extension and wireless access network.All the products are up to the national standard after being tested by the state authoritative QC department.

Wellhope Wireless manufacture based in 4G; MIMO;GPS Dielectric Antenna;GSM;3G;Wlan;LTE antenna and RF pigtail cable; more question or inquire feel free to sent us email;

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