The MPX Series of Motorized Pendulum Impact Testers

Pendulum impact test apparatus are designed to measure the resistance to failure of a material to a suddenly applied force.

Could you give an overview of how motorized pendulum impact testers work and how these compare to different types of impact testing systems?
Motorized pendulum impact machines provide a safe alternative to manual pendulum impact machines which typically do not have CE compliant guards and require the operator to manually lift the hammer to its release position. The hammer assembly is very heavy to  help achieve higher initial energies required to test modern high toughness materials. For example, the Instron MPX 450J hammer assembly weighs 32 Kgs. Not surprisingly, it will be difficult for an operator to lift the hammer to 150 degrees between each test which can lead to operator fatigue and possible repetitive motion injuries. A motorized pendulum impact system eliminates this risk to the operator.

Could you explain the Charpy and Izod standards and why these are so important in impact testing?

Airplane and automotive components, OCTG (oil country tubular goods), ship hulls, etc. will experience impacts during field use. Impact testing is critical to understanding how these materials will perform in real-life conditions. ASTM E23 and ISO 148 are the most common standards for impact testing. Charpy and Izod nomenclature refers to the method of testing carried out to meet the standards. ISO 148 requires the Charpy method and ASTM E23 permits both Charpy and Izod methods. Charpy testing specimens are supported by a beam with a V- or U-notch cut out in the same plane that the striker will pass through, undergoing three-point bending. An Izod specimen is held in a cantilevered manner where the striker will hit the top of the specimen. Charpy impact testing for metals applications is most common.

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