Fat woman - what kind of dress to wear good-looking?

Every woman wants to become the focus of a cocktail party, they wear a variety of beautiful dresses. But for other women who do not have great body figure or who are not born with good body shape are always sad. They think the cocktail dress is not suitable for them because of their not-good figure. Is it true? Does the cocktail dress bring beauty and attraction only for those who have great figures? It is wrong. That is no problem for all of the ladies that they have their own rights to own a cocktail dress.

For those plus-size women, the clothes designers provide some tips for them when they choose a cocktail dress. These are listed as following.

1.Show off the point which is the most beautiful part of your body.
Which part do you think is the most attracting one of your whole bodies? You may think your legs are very charming, and then you can choose the cocktail dress which hits above your knee. If you want to show off your neck, a one shoulder lace cocktail dress with a v-shaped collar is perfect for you on a party. If you think your wrist and hands are very slim, you can choose one with half length or three-quarter length sleeves.

2.Try to hide your disadvantages as possible as you can.
When you do your best to show off your beautiful part, do not ignore your disadvantages. If you think your neck is very short, a cocktail dress with a low-cut collar is very suitable for you making up for this problem. If you think your waist is very fat, do not wear the one with a waistband which will make you fatter.

3.Properly selecting your underclothes when you wear cocktail dress.
Do not think you are too fat so that it is not fabulous when you wear cocktail dress. It is not your body faulty. You should pay your attention to the details of your dress, such as your underclothes. Nothing looks great when some details are neglected. If your bra straps come out or bulges, no matter how charming your dress is, this will make it worse.

4.The style of cocktail dress is very important, too.
If you are overweight and too fat, it is not reasonable for you to wear an a-line cocktail dress, which will show off your verruca and makes you fatter. Try some leisure and a little loose cocktail dress. Thus you will look generous and graceful.

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