Electrical box: the box which should I use?

In the boxes in a variety of materials, which one is the most suitable for the electrical box?

These are all different types of electrical boxes. The location and type of wiring you’re doing will determine which type of box to use. Let’s go over some things that are applicable to all types of electrical boxes.

*All electrical connections must be contained inside an electrical box. The box shields the building material and other flammable materials in the event of electrical sparks.
*All boxes must be accessible. Never cover a box with drywall, paneling or other wall coverings.
*If an electrical junction box holds only spliced wires and no device, such as a switch, it should be covered with a blank cover plate.

*Plastic electrical boxes are the most widely used boxes for indoor residential wiring. They’re inexpensive and easy to install. However, since you cannot ground a Plastic Box, so some local codes do not allow them or they are only allowed for certain uses.
*Plastic boxes are easier to damage than metal boxes, so buy extra boxes just in case.
*Most are brittle; don’t use them where they are not built into the wall. The exception is an outdoor box made of extra strong PVC.

*Metal electrical boxes are stronger and provide better ground connection than plastic boxes.
*Metal boxes must be grounded to the circuit grounding system. Connect the circuit grounding wires to the box with a pigtailed green wire and wire nut, or with a grounding clip.
*The cable entering a metal box must be clamped.
*“Gangable” boxes can be dismantled and ganged together to make space for two or more devices.

*These are sometimes called old-work or cut-in boxes.
*Remodel electrical boxes are used when running cable to install new devices into an old wall.
*Plastic remodel boxes have “wings” and metal remodel boxes have expandable clips or bendable ears that hold them in the wall.

Cast Aluminum:
*These are required for outdoor fixtures connected with metal conduit.
*They have sealed seams and threaded openings to keep moisture out.

While selecting the correct electrical box for your project will help to ensure the successful completion of your wiring project, always respect electricity and follow safety precautions.

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