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Beautiful dress is essential for special occasions, is the darling of women. Another name for the dresses is evening clothes and this comes from the varying lengths such as tea length, knee length and those that are long past he ankle. There are so many types of cocktail dresses just like there are wedding gowns. The choice on the most suitable one will largely depend on the factors that you consider right to you.

One Shoulder Dress
They are generally less detailed compared to the one shoulder clothes. When you need a one shoulder lace cocktail dress you should also consider the type of fabric used to make such kind of dress. Some of the most common types of fabrics for these kinds of dresses are chiffon, tulle, silk, satin and lace. You can also for cotton even though it will give you more of a casual look. One shoulder dresses often have a fitted waist as well as a fitted belt ribbon. Some designers also prefer making them with fitted bodices, A-line skirts and body skimming.

A-Line Dress
The cocktail dresses are generally vintage inspired. Some of the main features of an A-line dress are a bateau neckline, sleeveless bodice and a hemline which goes well beyond the knees. The upper portion of the A-line dresses often has body skimming and has a highlighted waistline with ribbon belts and rhinestone pins.

Little Black Dress
Any dress cocktail dress that is black in color is referred to as a little black dress. These dresses are not only restrictive to evening events but can also be worn for day occurrences. When selecting these dresses you should often keep your body and shape in mid. They are fashionable, stylish and graceful if made and worn well.

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