How to use your discarded shoe box

A shoe box can be used for more than storing shoes. For instance, a clear shoe box can hold anything from wish cards and scented candles, to toys and kitchen gadgets. While buying paperboard and plastic boxes is easy, you will have to follow certain guidelines to make sure you are buying the right ones.

Clearance sales are fun, but that does not mean you have to be reckless. Going home with damaged boxes is like throwing money down the drain. A chipped or cracked clear shoe box will not last as long, and will not keep your valuables as secure as you had hoped for. Do not buy water damaged boxes either, as they will not keep their shape when in use.

Collect all the items you want to organize before you order your plastic boxes. It will give you a fair idea about how many boxes you should order. Check the shoe box sizes your retailer has listed online. Buying all your boxes in the same size will make it easier to stack them.

Always order a few extra storage boxes. When going through your possessions, chances are that you will find items you missed the first time you cleaned out your drawers, cupboards, and closets. You may also collect more knick knacks in the future. Finding the exact same boxes in a few years may be harder than you think, as styles and colours change.

Select clear shoe box shades that match your interior. While most of your boxes may be stored away in closets, your basements, the attic, or your garage, you may decide to keep some in plain sight. For instance, a gloss gold or silver shoe box can be used to store Christmas cookies. They can also hold gifts for under the Christmas tree.

All cardboard or plastic boxes should be labelled. Even a Clear box should have a content tag. It will save you a lot of time searching through all your boxes when you are looking for a specific item. Use bright labels and clear writing. Place the labels so you can see them at first glance. Having them on the side facing the closet wall is not going to do you any good.

Never hesitate to contact your box supplier. Being familiar with the industry, your clear shoe box provider and his trained staff members will have many great recommendations for you. More storage box products at

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