Looking through 2015 evening dresses fashion show

Evening dresses are designed help women display feminine glamour at special nights. They are made to highlight female's curves. Low cut and open back are commonplace designs in evening dress fashion. Fashion designers have added new palettes and textures into the trends, and made the traditional evening dresses more dazzling for 2015.

The traditional color themes for evening dresses are solemn black, navy, burgundy and so on. In 2014, you can look forward to more dashing colors like lavender, daffodil and floral prints. Natural colors are back in trends this year. Bright colors like sky blue, grass green and rose have been used as primary choices for evening dresses in the New York fashion week. White and black are classic color choices, but you can try new colors to follow the trends.

Low cuts like deep V-neck and sweetheart neck are popular and open back are the main trend this season. Open back suits for all age levels. Deep V-neck comes with a mature aura while sweetheart neck is suitable for young girls to create a sweet feeling. Fashion designers never stops their steps in innovation, this year they have introduced the fake nude top design into the fashion world. Such design will create a false illusion that the chest of the wearer is completely open while she is wearing something transparent. It's stimulating and adventurous to try the new style.

Except for lace new shades, lace embellishments, low cuts, you can also expect some fringes and one shoulder lace evening dresses fashion trends. Fringes and frills are usually used in women clothing to create a soft and ladylike feeling. Looking through the fashion collections of 2015, it's easy to find the signs of fringes and frills. After having a good knowledge of the latest evening gown designs, staying in trends is just a cup of cake to you. You'll be a fashionista and grab attention in the party.

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