The steps to making a plastic box

A Transparent PVC Box frame setup is among the most effective and affordable ways to begin growing at home. For this project be sure to pick up some PVC pipe and plastic sheeting, water spray bottles, your chosen method of lighting and of course the housing for your plants. This setup can be as large or as small as you desire and that is its main asset, it will not be effective at keeping out contaminants and insects so be sure to house it in a sterile place.

Erect a square frame with the PVC pipe and line top, rear, sides and bottom with plastic sheeting, leave the front as a "flap" by attaching plastic sheeting to the top of the frame only. You leave a flap so that you can enter and exit the grow box at will without have to worry about tearing the plastic. Depending on your size constraints you can either hang lights from the top of the box or put them on the inside. This is really a matter of preference and knowing what you are trying to achieve and what is possible with regard to your specific plants.

It is of the utmost importance for this setup for you to be in a sterile environment, you cannot operate this setup in a place that has mold, insects or other contaminants. The simple fact is that this is an "open" grow box and does little to nothing by way of keeping things out, the benefit here is that plants are more free to grow and depending on your objectives this can be a necessary thing.

Be sure to purchase lights that can be suspended from the PVC pipe and angled without having to be secured by way of tape, etc... it is my experience that shoddy light setups like this can cause the whole grow box to collapse in on itself. While traditional pots can be used inside of this grow box it really is up to you in terms of what medium you wish to grow your plants in. The far more important thing here as in any grow box is that you choose the proper fertilizer for your specific plant and know its pH needs prior to just dumping things into the soil.

PVC is suggested as an easy and affordable material. Suitable for applications in our daily life.

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