2015 prom dress style

Buying a designer prom dress is the right decision. Each fashion house employs leading designers whose sole purpose is to design unique, gorgeous and classic prom gowns. The year 2015 makes way for brand new styles and trends that any fashionista attending prom needs to know.

One shoulder lace prom gown are picking up in popularity for 2015 and with good reason. The often low-dipping sweetheart necklines provide an hourglass silhouette with a form fitting look that dresses with straps often cannot achieve. The glamourous looks these dresses provide are usually complemented by embellishments such as feathers, sequins and lace. The bold and daring metallic colors such as silver, gunmetal, pink, seafoam green and gold look best in a floor-length gown.

The often classic, but also unsurpassed in popularity are the asymmetrical one shoulder strap ball gowns. These gowns provide a daring, yet casual look with one strap and usually a mermaid dress to follow. What makes this a common choice for trendsetters everywhere is the versatility of this look. This is the gown that looks perfect on the slim hourglass figured woman as well as the full-figured beauty. Look for small yet noticeable detailing on gowns such as this. Most designers make good use of sequins and embroidery to create a timeless old Hollywood girl approach.

You don't have to be a ballerina to try the short mini dress look with the ever-so classic sweetheart neckline. With a tightly cinched bodice, these dresses focus on the feminine curves and spread out to reveal a short tutu dress. What makes these dresses gain the respect of trendsetters everywhere is the fun and flirty take on prom. Instead of relying on the old Hollywood look, these tutu dresses play up the girly assets. Usually, tutu styled prom dresses sport plenty of tulle, tight sequined bodices and oftentimes, a different colored full skirt to offset the bodice. It is important to look for well perceived colors in this styled dress.

Buying the perfect prom dress is never easy, and it takes quite a bit of knowledge to ensure you arrive at prom in style. Your Prom Night is important so take your time and choose one that makes you feel glamorous and confident from the moment you put it on.

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