Why Your Product Need packaging Sleeves?

Shrink packaging can instantly add value to your product as they are both functional and visually appealing. With full color digital graphics, you can boost your sales by stylishly showcasing your logo, fresh artwork, and company info. Most importantly, they instantly inform you and your customer that the product has remained freshly sealed from day one.

Usually manufactured from PVC, PET-G, PLA or OPS plastic as either seamed, seamless or perforated bands, they are a vital way to know that the product in question has not been altered since it left the manufacturer.

Shrink bands are easy to use but there are a couple of things to keep in mind. It really is as simple as slipping an appropriately sized shrink band over your product and applying a heat gun to shrink the band. It is critical to apply heat evenly. Too much heat will stress the wrapper and too little will not seal the wrapper. You want a snug fit to ensure your product's longevity. Once it has shrunk, you have a professional, stylish seal that will protect your product's saleability.

In addition, a common issue arises with poorly designed components that do not provide an area for the sleeve to cling. For instance, a straight bottle without a lip near the cap will allow the band to simply slide off. To get a snug, tamper-evident seal the band should be large enough to extend over the cap and your container should have a lip for it to cling to.

Why does your product need shrink bands/sleeves?

Tamper-evident protection applicable to parts or all of your packaging
Customizable printed banding for product promotion and aesthetics
Agglutinate two or more packages/product parts with style
Conforms to fit your non-symmetric or irregularly shaped product

Whether you simply need a clear band for tamper resistance or a clear plastic sleeve to highlight your product, shrink bands are the versatile packaging solution for your needs.

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