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Select the perfect bridesmaid dresses from eDressit for your bridesmaids to wear on your special day. Whether you prefer a classic, romantic look or something with more of a modern twist, our wide variety of styles offers something to fit any bride's dream. Our flattering shapes and elegant fabrics will render any wedding party an eye-catching group. Our options include simple, timeless gowns as well as those adorned by ornate sashes, shimmering brooches and sleek ribbons.

Every dress in our collection features top-quality fabrics and materials. Beaded belts, gorgeous ruffles and intricate overlays turn each of our bridesmaid’s dresses into statements of elegance and class. When you’re searching for cheap Pleated Bridesmaid Dress that are affordable enough for everyone in your wedding party, our assortment provides both the style and the quality you want, without the high price tag. From one-shoulder designs to strapless or short sleeve gowns, the options at eDressit will suit any taste and compliment any bridesmaid.

The shape and cut of a bridesmaid dress can flatter a figure in ways that will help every bridesmaid look her best. The collection of bridesmaid dresses at eDressit includes empire waists, blouson gowns, and layers of sheer fabrics for a beautiful fit no matter which you choose. Whether you prefer v-necks and side-slits that reveal glowing skin or a more modest cut, each bride can confidently choose the right cut and design for her wedding party. Complete a beach wedding with pastels and flowing skirts or enhance a modern theme with sequined bodices.

There’s no need to compromise your designer preferences when selecting a bridesmaid dress. You can still choose a silky work of art or sleek and intricate head-turner for the women who will be at your side on your big day by shopping eDressit. Sheer fabrics, or slinky silks, in turquoise, sage, mauve, or any multitude of colors, will enhance your bridesmaids' elegance.

Browse our gorgeous collection of bridesmaid dresses and select the color you need to fit into your themed wedding day! If we don't have the styles that you're looking for, then have a chat with one of our designers about how we can custom make a perfect dress for your perfect maids.

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