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Transparent packaging is a process of developing and manufacturing packaging materials used for all kind of retail products like food, health care products, stationary, electronics and detergent. Nowadays, the packaging which works in the favor of environment is in vague. There are different features of each packaging but flexibility is the common feature of all clear packaging.

At present, there are many types of innovative packaging are available that are long-lasting, waterproof Transparent PVC Box, Blister, Trays and Cylindrical. Clear box is in vague because of its quality of transparency. This packaging increases the visibility of product and makes the product more presentable. Blister packaging has a long lasting finish, tamper resistant due to which it is very safe to pack the products.

The material used for this kind of clear packaging is Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and with the help of this packaging we can pack the product with aluminum to protect them from getting damaged. Through a heat-sealing process the blister packaging is positioned to the blister card which allows the product to be viewed in variety of methods. The limitation of blister packaging is that it can be used only for light weighted items. plastic clamshells are used for heavier items. In order to view the product cardboard blister card is used with blister package.Trays packaging can be used for both smaller and larger products and other products. This packaging is open from the top and mainly used for industrial and transportation sector. Cylindrical packaging is widely used for packing stationary products and confectionary products.

Plastic thermal forming is also a kind of packaging which is done to increase the security of eatable products. While manufacturing plastic thermal packaging all the industrial guidelines and norms are followed. It is leakage proof and easy to handle due to its smooth edges. Manufacturers of Clear packaging use advance technologies for innovative designs and make the packaging disposable.

Transparent packaging easier to sell products, it is first choice for many products. More information please visit:

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